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2015 Q3/Q4 Update

This is another summary update as I've been very busy these past six months due largely to moving house. It's important to me that I acknowledge the devastating floods that are currently happening at home. Christmas here has been ruined by unprecedented  amounts of rain which have led to the worst floods anyone has ever seen. Nearly every place I've ever worked or  lived  in has been under water and with the clean-up under way, the rain has just returned.  Wellington Street, opposite my office The response has been incredible, and my thanks go out to the emergency services and everyone that's involved in putting things right. It's in times like these you realise the true value of social media and the real-world difference it can make in people's lives. From alerts and warnings to the clean up and support efforts, it's all being coordinated via Twitter and Facebook.  Maltangent (formerly 'macrosploit'), the targeted phishing platform I