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Questions to ask before the next WannaCry

If your inbox or social media feed is anything like my own you'll have probably been inundated with a stream of marketing material following the WannaCry(pt) outbreak last week. Amongst all the vendor bragging, claims and offers of free trials and assessments I've seen a lot of good advice from security professionals. The message is clear enough to sum up in one sentence for technical staff - patch, manage your network, do the basics . For security practitioners, this advice is a message they've repeated enough to become mantra. I thought then it might be useful to look at this recent event through a different lens and provide a pocket guide for Business Managers looking to assess the situation and provide Business Owners with an understanding of their exposure. This can be used then to identify what help (if any) your technical teams need.  Clearly, a disconnect still exists in many organisations between risk owners and technical staff.  Below is a series