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Tools & Techniques - Cloud Firewalls (DigitalOcean)

My home lab is (probably) typical of most security professionals: a beefy workstation running VMWare workstation, a beefy-ish workstation running ESXi and a bunch of laptops, switches and other devices.  I utilise a couple of VPS providers for hosting and exposing VMs to the cloud. My VPS provider of choice has been DigitalOcean for the last couple of years (going by my billing history) and to date, they've been excellent. They recently introduced and advertised a new service feature called 'Cloud Firewalls' and I had chance to have a play with them today. Essentially, they've incorporated a network level firewall service to their VPS offering which can be used as an alternative or in addition to host-based firewalls like iptables, firewalld, etc.  Initial Impressions - Pros, Cons and Limitations Pros No Cost (free!!) - Cloud Firewalls are available at no additional cost. Availability - Cloud Firewalls are available in ever region DigitalOcean operate.

Tools & Techniques - Kali Linux of a Raspberry Pi

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to install Kali linux on an inexpensive hardware platform that you can deploy, abandon or hide somewhere. An obvious use might be to serve as an 'Evil AP' in support of wireless assessments. Kali linux is officially supported on a number of low-cost  ARM based  devices, with Offensive Security maintaining minimal, streamlined pre-built images which can be copied across to an SD card, installed and then configured with the packages you need for the task you have in mind.  Installing Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi  Offensive Security maintain good documentation  here . For the our needs: Download and verify the image from  here . $ shasum -a 256 /Volumes/SANDISK/kali-2017.01- rpi2.img.xz DD the image over the SD cards $ sudo dd if=kali-2017.01-rpi2.img of=/dev/disk2 bs=1m Insert the SD cards after the dd has completed and boot the rpi. I had a DHCP reservation set on my router so I knew what IP it would get. I al