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Possibly the only *good* example of identity theft

This isn't a security post per se... in fact, it isn't even close. I'm sharing this purely because it still makes me laugh a year after it started. I could labor to make some point about facial recognition or authentication factors but ultimately this is what happens when two security guys prank each other and one of them beats the other hands down. At some point in the not so distant past, I started a *game* with my good friend Andy where we would set our Facebook profile pictures to one of each other and rename our accounts to match. As you can imagine, this got confusing for everyone who knew us both and hilarity prevailed. After a while I started to 'shop the profile pics to look more like me (above). It was fun for a while, but in the end Andy called time on it and I thought I had won.  Time passed, and about a year ago to this day, I sat down for dinner with him and around twenty friends after an afternoon touring the bars of Leeds for my bi

2015 Q1/Q2 Update

Time flies when you're having fun, or so the old adage goes. It also flies when you're busy which I certainly have been since Christmas. I'm taking the opportunity to write this summary update as I head out to an industry summit ( ILTA LegalSec ) being hosted in Baltimore. So what's been keeping me so busy? Primarily, I've been busy since starting a new job. In December I joined the security function at DLA Piper supporting the Global business in both a technical and compliance capacity.  With any new job comes new challenges and the world's largest law firm certainly comes with its fair share. Anyone whose known me for any length of time can vouch for my appetite for a challenge and the legal industry seems to have a lot to offer. The role is a good fit for me and it seems like I've joined the firm at just the right time. In addition to a raft of technical and operational projects I'm getting the opportunity to adorn my compliance ha